Mrs. Christensen Has Entered the Building

Seven months ago, I left the classroom to venture into a new “field.” I shifted from the high school English classroom to the Educational Technology Department. I’ll be honest with you: the entire time I was there, I had this feeling of floating in space. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the career change I had made. However, despite the alien world I was in, I was able to learn ┬ámany new skills and, more importantly, a new mindset for technology in the classroom. So, here it is, August 25, and the first week of school is almost over.The strange feelings I’ve had since leaving the classroom are still floating along with me since returning because honestly, what I want to do this year is something I’ve never done. But as those feelings slowly dissipate, I am challenged by the one question I keep asking my students: if you can Google search pretty much anything, why do you need a teacher?

This is such a relevant question in the midst of all this technology talk, but it is one that I don’t have a solid answer to yet. IF we have the internet, and IF students actually start to use their resources to teach themselves, then what do I do? No one is really talking about that yet. All we are discussing is which tool and what website. So, I want to start the conversation. If there are an endless number of resources out there, what IS my job? What is OUR┬ájob?

Please don’t say babysitter, or record keeper, or …. disciplinarian.