Student Blog FAIL

We are in the midst of the first progress report cycle, and part of my students’ report contains a TON of zeros. While zeros are never a surprise for me, this situation isn’t 100 percent the student’s fault. *gasp*

Teaching freshman technology skills is a deceptive task. While their eyes and hands seemed to be glued to their cell phones, their brains are not actually processing new information like… what a blog is, and what published actually means. I have spent the last 6 hours (almost continuously) demonstrating to each student one on one, in the middle of our student feedback session, how to publish their blog so that their site is LIVE!

As a result of students not following directions and me dragging my feet a little to get organized, the students who had broken links to their sites received zeros in the gradebook. Is it fixable? YES! However, their parents are NOT going to like what they see.

Here’s hoping to a busy Open House tonight! 


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